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My Strategy / FAQs

My Strategy

I only trade Indizes and ETFs. I prefer trading the German DAX. I trade DowJones, S&P500 and HangSeng as well. Mostly I don't trade with leverage but sometimes I open small positions with leverage 20. In that case my goal is to close these positions as soon as possible. My preferred market situation is when the markets move sidewards, that differs me from plenty of other traders. I mostly place long positions. I also try to make profit with long positionseven when the markets slightly correct. If I have to, like the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, I go short. But I need clear signals to switch from long to short. My goal is not to finish every month in Green. I follow my strategy come what my and when a month is negative, so be it.

What is my goal?

Sure, I want to outperfom the markets. I try to generate 2-3% a months. I can't guarantee that every months, because negative months are part of the game. Even 2-3 are really hard to accomplish over a long period of time.

Risk management

My goal is to keep an risk score between 3 and 4. My leveraged positions are closed automatically once they drop approx. 5%.

How much money of my capital do I invest?

It depends on the market situation. When the markets reach new All-time Highs I trade with 50-60%, when the markets correct or even crash I invest much more. That can change quickly, there are phases I trade with 100%.

How much money should you copy me with?

I recommend to start with 500 USD, 1000 USD would be best. Adding small funds frequently (example: monthly) is recommended.

What is the best time to start copying?

Since nobody knows what the markets do tomorrow, it is hard to say. To minimize the risk one can invest in multiple steps, example: over the next 3 or 5 months.

How long should you copy me?

As long as possible, at least 6 months. An investment horizon of 2-5 years or even longer would be perfect.

What you should not do

Over the past I have seen hundreds of copiers who jumped in and as soon as the markets dropped a few percent, they left. You should trust your trader you copy and you should check your portfolio and my trades as seldom as possible. 

Thanks for copying,


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